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The Perfect Mother

By: Aimee Molloy

Publisher: HarperCollins Trade

Imprint: Harper

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780062696793

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A night out -- a few hours of fun.What could possibly go wrong? SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE"The Perfect Mother is a gripping page-turner that explores the pressures of modern motherhood as well as a mother's absolute worst nightmare. At once wonderfully nuanced and compulsively readable, it keeps you guessing at every moment, up until the very end. I could not be prouder to be bringing this thriller to the big screen."--Kerry WashingtonSome people are so good at making perfect look easy. They call themselves the May Mothers--a collection of new moms who gave birth in the same month. Twice a week, with strollers in tow, they get together in Prospect Park, seeking refuge from the isolation of new motherhood; sharing the fears, joys, and anxieties of their new child-centered lives. When the group's members agree to meet for drinks at a hip local bar, they have in mind a casual evening of fun, a brief break from their daily routine. But on this sultry Fourth of July night during the hottest summer in Brooklyn's history, something goes terrifyingly wrong: one of the babies is taken from his crib. Winnie, a single mom, was reluctant to leave six-week-old Midas with a babysitter, but the May Mothers insisted that everything would be fine. Now Midas is missing, the police are asking disturbing questions, and Winnie's very private life has become fodder for a ravenous media. Though none of the other members in the group is close to the reserved Winnie, three of them will go to increasingly risky lengths to help her find her son. And as the police bungle the investigation and the media begin to scrutinize the mothers in the days after Midas goes missing, damaging secrets are exposed, marriages are tested, and friendships are formed and fractured. Unfolding over the course of thirteen fraught days and culminating in an exquisite and unexpected twist, The Perfect Mother is the perfect book for our times--a nuanced and addictively readable story that exposes the truth of modern mothers' lives as it explores the power of an ideal that is based on a lie.
One nice writing touch is an anonymous narrator that pops in and out of the story line. We're not sure if she's one of the moms or someone we haven't been introduced to yet, and that device keeps readers guessing and engaged.... It's an engaging read, but never riveting or chilling, and the mostly privileged status of this group makes them hard to relate to. But the story does psychologically pick away at the common threads of motherhood. And with its populist topic (lots of new moms out there, including Washington), it's bound to press familiar hot buttons and unnerve many readers. At least the storytelling is authentic — the author is a Brooklyn mom herself.
—Minneapolis Star Tribune
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