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I Can Hear You Whisper

By: Lydia Denworth

Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

Imprint: Plume

Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780142181867

On Sale: | Pages: 400

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An investigation into the science of hearing, child language acquisition, neuroplasticity, brain development, and Deaf culture. A mother notices her toddler is not learning to talk the way his brothers did Is something wrong? Her search for answers is a journey into the mysteries of the human brain. Lydia Denworths third son, Alex, was nearly two when he was identified with significant hearing loss that was likely to get worse. Her sweet boy with the big brown eyes had probably never heard herlullabies. Denworth knew the importance of enrichment to the developing brain but had never contemplated the opposite: Deprivation. How would a childs brain grow outside the world of sound most of us take for granted? How would he communicate? Would he learn to read and writewerent phonics a key to literacy? How long did they have until Alexs brain changed irrevocably? In her drive to understand the choicesstarting with the angry debate between supporters of American Sign Language and the controversial but revolutionary cochlear implantDenworth soon found that every decision carried weighty scientific, social and even political implications. As she grappled with the complex collisions between the emerging field of brain plasticity, the possibilities of modern technology, and the changing culture of the Deaf community, she gained a new appreciation of the exquisite relationship between sound, language and learning. It became clear that Alexs earsand indeed everyoneswere just the beginning. An acclaimed science journalist as well as a mother, Denworth interviewed the worlds experts on language development, inventors of ground-breaking technology, Deaf leaders, and neuroscientists at the frontiers of research. She presents insights from studies of everything from at-risk kids in Head Start to noisy cocktail party conversation, from songbirds to signal processing, and from the invention of the telephone to sign language. Weaving together tales from the centuries-long quest to develop the cochlear implant and simultaneous leaps in neuroscientific knowledge against a tumultuous backdrop of identity politics, I Can Hear You Whisper shows how sound sculpts our childrens brains and the life changing consequences of that delicate process.
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