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The Shepherd's Hut

By: Tim Winton

Publisher: Macmillan Trade

Imprint: FSG

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780374262327

On Sale: | Pages: 288

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From Tim Winton, Australia's most decorated and beloved novelist and the author of Cloudstreet, comes The Shepherd's Hut, the story of a young man on a thrilling journey of self-discovery in one of the harshest, near-uninhabitable climates on Earth.Tim Winton is Australia's most decorated and beloved novelist. Short-listed twice for the Booker Prize and the winner of a record four Miles Franklin Literary Awards for Best Australian Novel, he has a gift for language virtually unrivaled among writers in English. His work is both tough and tender, primordial and new--always revealing the raw, instinctual drives that lure us together and rend us apart.In The Shepherd's Hut, Winton crafts the story of Jaxie Clackton, a brutalized rural youth who flees from the scene of his father's violent death and strikes out for the vast wilds of Western Australia. All he carries with him is a rifle and a waterjug. All he wants is peace and freedom. But surviving in the harsh saltlands alone is a savage business. And once he discovers he's not alone out there, all Jaxie's plans go awry. He meets a fellow exile, the ruined priest Fintan MacGillis, a man he's never certain he can trust, but on whom his life will soon depend. The Shepherd's Hut is a thrilling tale of unlikely friendship and yearning, at once brutal and lyrical, from one of our finest storytellers.
Tim Winton's new novel hovers between a profane confession and a plea for help. A distinctly Down Under story by this most Australian writer, “The Shepherd's Hut” is almost too painful to read, but also too plaintive to put down.... Winton still remains in Western Australia, where he was born, and that long experience with the place and the language is baked deep into his prose.
—Washington Post
Winton wraps up his tale with some heightened tension and visceral thrills. Far more gripping, though, is Jaxie's full-bodied narrative voice, which is the driving force of the novel.... Equally impressive is Winton's depiction of place... With the roos and euros, mulga and kurrajongs — not to mention the durries and frangers — an entire other world comes vibrantly alive.... Winton has triumphed again. This is a terrifying, electrifying novel charged by a singular voice and expert storytelling.
—Minneapolis Star Tribune
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