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Salt Houses

By: Hala Alyan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Imprint: Houghton Mifflin

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780544912588

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From a dazzling new literary voice, a debut novel aboutaPalestinian family caught between present and past, betweendisplacement and home On the eve of her daughter Alia s wedding, Salma reads the girl sfuture in a cup of coffee dregs. She sees an unsettled life for Alia and her children; she also sees travel, and luck. While she chooses to keepher predictions to herself that day, they will all sooncome to passwhen the family is uprooted inthe wake of the Six-Day War of 1967.Salma is forced to leave her home in Nablus;Alia s brother gets pulled into a politically militarized world hecan t escape;andAlia and her gentle-spirited husband move to Kuwait City, where they reluctantly build a life with their three children. When Saddam HusseininvadesKuwait in1990, Alia and her familyonce againlose their home, their land, and their story as they know it, scattering toBeirut, Paris, Boston, and beyond. Soon Alia s children begin families of their own, once again navigating the burdens (and blessings)of assimilation in foreign cities.Lyrical and heartbreaking, Salt Housesis a remarkabledebut novel that challenges and humanizes an age-old conflictwemightthink we understand one that asks us toconfrontthat most devastating of all truths: you can t go home again."
Hala Alyan's gorgeous and sprawling Salt Houses tells the story of a Palestinian family, all civilians, scattered across the globe and fighting to retain memories of home.... Heart-wrenching, lyrical and timely, Salt Houses is a humanizing examination of a family torn apart and remade by conflicts both too complex to grasp fully and too personal to not recognize in ourselves, wherever we might call home.
—Dallas Morning News
"Salt Houses" is a book on migration and the issues that the migrated struggle with through in their lives: how to integrate into the new society while staying connected to the old roots, how to keep the second generation rooted in their parents' culture and tradition without alienating them from the host country, and, with all these concerns, how to find a way to carry on with a "normal" life.
—Christian Science Monitor
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