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Quiet Until the Thaw

By: Alexandra Fuller

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Imprint: Penguin Press (HC)

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780735223349

On Sale: | Pages: 288

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The debut novel from the bestselling author of Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight and Leaving Before the Rains Come. "Awe inspiring . . . An ardent, original, and beautifully wrought book." --The New York Times Book Review Lakota Oglala Sioux Nation, South Dakota. Two Native American cousins, Rick Overlooking Horse and You Choose Watson, are pitted against each other as their tribe is torn apart by infighting. Rick chooses the path of peace and stays; You Choose, violent and unpredictable, strikes out on his own. When he returns, after three decades behind bars, he disrupts the fragile peace and threatens the lives of the entire reservation. A complex tale that spans generations and geography, Quiet Until the Thaw conjures, with the implications of an oppressed history, how we are bound not just to immediate family but to all who have come before and will come after us, and, most of all, to the notion that everything was always, and is always, connected.
Fuller's novel is like a delicately calibrated tuning fork, resonating at a cosmic pitch.... The punch Fuller's book packs is visceral, but it wears its righteousness with tact, its tone more consolation than jeremiad.... It's possible that "Quiet Until the Thaw" may strike some readers as a similar affront, a misguided exercise in appropriation by an author who isn't remotely like her subjects. It may be possible to pry from Fuller's novel stereotypes or clich�s � the quiet Indian, the soulful Indian, the pot-smoking sage. Or to hear in the voice of her narrator ("Oh, All My Ancestors. How much strength must one people have?") not homage but pastiche. To these and other potential objections, this reader can offer only her candid appraisal, that this is an ardent, original and beautifully wrought book, one that deserves the benefit of the doubt.
—New York Times
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