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Press Play

By: Eric Devine

Publisher: Hachette Trade

Imprint: Running Press

Format: Electronic | ISBN: 9780762455539

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Trade Paperback

On Sale: | Pages: 368

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Booklist Top 10 Sports Books for Youth: 2015 Pound by sweaty pound, Greg Dunsmore's plan is working. Greg is steadily losing weight while gaining the material he needs to make the documentary that will get him into film school and away from the constant jeers of "Dun the Tun." But when Greg captures footage of brutal and bloody hazing by his town's championship-winning lacrosse team, he knows he has evidence that could damage as much as it could save. And if the harm is to himself and his future, is revealing the truth worth the cost? CCSS-aligned curriculum guide can be found online at http: //www.rpcurriculumguides.com/curriculum_guides.html
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