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The Blind: A Chilling Psychological Suspense

By: A. F. Brady


Imprint: Park Row

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780778330875

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On Sale: | Pages: 416

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Sometimes what's most terrifying is what exists in your mind. Sam James has spent years carefully crafting her reputation as the best psychologist at Typhlos, Manhattan's most challenging psychiatric institution. She believes if she can't save herself, she'll save someone else, though this mindset leads Sam down some dark paths, opening her eyes to her own disturbing mental turmoil. When Richard, a mysterious patient no one wants to treat, is admitted to Typhlos, Sam is determined to unlock his secrets and understand his psyche. But as Sam gets pulled into Richard's twisted past, she can't help but analyze her own life, and what she discovers terrifies her. And so the mind games begin. But who is the savior and who is the saved?
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