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The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

By: Viet Thanh Nguyen


Imprint: Grove/Atlantic, Inc. - Grove/Atlantic, Inc. -

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780802123459

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On Sale: | Pages: 384

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The winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, as well as seven other awards, The Sympathizer is the breakthrough novel of the year. With the pace and suspense of a thriller and prose that has been compared to Graham Greene and Saul Bellow, The Sympathizer is a sweeping epic of love and betrayal. The narrator, a communist double agent, is a "man of two minds," a half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain who arranges to come to America after the Fall of Saigon, and while building a new life with other Vietnamese refugees in Los Angeles is secretly reporting back to his communist superiors in Vietnam. The Sympathizer is a blistering exploration of identity and America, a gripping espionage novel, and a powerful story of love and friendship.
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