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Martin Marten

By: Brian Doyle

Publisher: Macmillan Trade

Imprint: Picador

Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781250081056

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On Sale: | Pages: 320

  • About the Book
Dave is fourteen years old, eager, and headlong. He is about to start high school, which is scary and alluring. Martin is a pine marten, a small, muscled hunter of the deep woods. He is about to leave home for the first time, which is scary and thrilling. Both of these wild animals are setting off on adventures on their native Mount Hood in Oregon, and their lives, paths, and trails will cross, weave, and blend. Why not come with them as they set forth into the forest and crags of the mountain and into the bruising wilderness of love, life, family, friends, enemies, wonder, mystery, and good things to eat?Martin Marten is a braided coming-of-age tale like no other, told in Brian Doyles joyous, rollicking style. Two energetic, sinewy, muddled, brilliant, creative animals, one human and one mustelid---come sprint with them through the deep, wet, green glory of Oregons soaring mountain.
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