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The Guest Book

By: Sarah Blake


Imprint: Flatiron Books

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781250110251

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Trade Paperback | Audio

On Sale: | Pages: 496

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Instant New York Times BestsellerLonglisted for Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence2020 New England Society Book Award Winner for Fiction "The Guest Book is monumental in a way that few novels dare attempt." --The Washington Post The thought-provoking new novel by New York Times bestselling author Sarah Blake An exquisitely written, poignant family saga that illuminates the great divide, the gulf that separates the rich and poor, black and white, Protestant and Jew. Spanning three generations, The Guest Book deftly examines the life and legacy of one unforgettable family as they navigate the evolving social and political landscape from Crockett's Island, their family retreat off the coast of Maine. Blake masterfully lays bare the memories and mistakes each generation makes while coming to terms with what it means to inherit the past.
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