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Ava and Pip

By: Carol Weston

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Imprint: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781402288708

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Electronic | Trade Paperback

On Sale: | Pages: 211

  • About the Book
Meet outgoing Ava Wren, a fun fifth grader who tries not to lose patience with her shy big sister. When Pip's 13th birthday party turns into a disaster, Ava gets a story idea for a library contest. But uh-oh, Ava should never have written "Sting of the Queen Bee." Can Ava and her new friend help Pip come out of her shell? And can Ava get out of the mess she has made?Praise for Ava and Pip: "Weston perfectly captures the complexities of sisterhood." -The New York Times"Charming Surprising Inspiring "-Karen Bokram, Founding Editor of Girls' Life"An endearing story about two very different sisters." -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"A big W-O-W for Ava and Pip "-Julie Sternberg, Like Pickle Juice On a Cookie"Ava Wren makes reading and writing so much fun, she deserves a T-O-P-S-P-O-T on your bookshelf. "-Dan Greenburg, author of The Zack Files and Secrets of Dripping Fang
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