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Wicked River

By: Jenny Milchman

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Imprint: Sourcebooks Landmark

Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781492658993

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On Sale: | Pages: 464

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Six million acres of Adirondack forest separate Natalie and Doug Larson from civilization. For the newlyweds, an isolated, back country honeymoon seems ideal: a chance to start their lives together with an adventure, on their own. But just as Natalie and Doug begin to explore the dark interiors of their own hearts, as well as the depths of their love for each other, it becomes clear that they are not alone in the woods. Because six million acres makes it easy for the wicked to hide. And even easier for someone to go missing for good. As they struggle with the worst the wilderness has to offer, a man watches them, wielding the forest like a weapon. And once they are near his domain, he will do everything in his power to make sure they never walk out again.
Those readers who are fans of carrying their food and water with them for a week or so in the wilderness will enjoy WICKED RIVER, smiling here and chuckling there, and nodding knowingly even as Milchman terrifies them with the jeopardy in which she places (some of) her characters. Those whose idea of camping matches mine will love it even more, given that it reaffirms what they instinctively know. Regardless of which “camp” you fall into, you will find this variation of the fish-out-of-water theme entertaining and worthwhile.
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